Tourism in our region

The Mas de Linde is located at the crossroads of the Provence, the Cevennes and the Ardèche. This privileged location, strongly linked with tourism, allows our tenants to choose from a wide variety of outdoor tourist activities or organised sports activities.

Cultural tourism also plays an important role in our region, in particular the very rich architectural heritage; you can discover the beauty of historical buildings and villages of character in our department and the neighbouring ones.

History lovers will have a wide choice of places to visit, as the area around Mas de Linde is full of historical sites, ranging from prehistory to the last centuryIn particular, the Grotte Chauvet 2, a reconstruction of the real Grotte Chauvet, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since the cave paintings it contains are exceptionally rich and ancient. 

Those who like to take a stroll and whose idea of holidays and tourism differs from “classic holidaymakers”, will be able to wander on the numerous walking paths and hiking trails in wild and preserved nature. Here they will certainly find the tranquillity, calm and rest they hunger for..

The Mas de Linde…. Holidays and tourism to suit everyone and every taste… To be enjoyed WITHOUT MODERATION

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